Concurso de cuentas demo con la plataforma cTrader de OctaFX

Los mejores corredores de opciones binarias 2020:
  • Binarium

    1er lugar! El mejor broker de opciones binarias!
    Ideal para principiantes! Entrenamiento gratis! Bonos de registro!

  • FinMax

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cTrader FREE Trading Software

Download cTrader for all device versions

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  • Web Trader
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  • Web Trader

    cTrader Web brings the transparent pricing, lightning-fast speed, and all the features of cTrader to your browser. Now you can receive the best in FX trading, from any computer with internet access.


    cTrader – a new standard in FX trading. cTrader provides the next generation FX trading platform, offering Direct Market Access brokerage capabilities.


    Stay connected and manage your trading account while on the move. This portable version of cTrader can be accessed from any Android device, so you’re never more than a touch away from the world’s most liquid market.

    cTrader gives you efficient FX trading as a native app. Enjoy fast execution for FX and commodities and an easy-to-use interface with full balance, margin and P&L information.

    A Trading Platform of Choice for Forex Trading Gurus

    cTrader is a robust and comprehensive trading platform, designed especially for Forex and CFD trading. Get maximum Forex trading transparency and visual support with over 26 prebuilt cTrader chart views, fully customisable interface, and up to 50 savable chart templates for all possible technical trading analysis strategies. Compatible across multiple devices, cTrader boasts a sophisticated back end, level II pricing, rapid order execution, and advanced Forex order types.

    Looking for Better Automated Forex Trading or Management?

    cTrader software eliminates a need for doing desk interventions, allowing you to trade in the real market. It allows for processing different orders simultaneously, which means you can trade without any queues. Orders can be simply dragged and dropped directly from customisable charts, while algorithms can be programmed and thereby customised to your trading style and strategies.

    Whether you prefer manual or algorithmic Forex trading, the cTrader trading system eases the process with various applications. It provides the means to automate CFD trading on Metals, receive real-time signals and notifications, get full market depth, and, moreover, to guide your trading decisions.

    Key cTrader Trading Features You Will Love

    • Rapid Entry and Execution: cTrader ensures rapid filling of multiple orders at once, without any order queue or compromise on execution quality.
    • Level II Quotes: With executable pricing determined by liquidity providers, order books are filled through volume-weighted average price (VWAP). This makes the liquidity of all currency pairs fully transparent to the trader.
    • Transparency in Prices: Brokers need to connect with a minimum of one liquidity provider. Trade executions are then verified against the prices streamed from the liquidity providers. This ensures better and more transparent execution of trades.

    Compare the platforms

    Advanced Order Protection

    Advanced Order Protection

    cTrader ensures a high degree of order protection to secure clients’ funds. On top of that, to strengthen ethical trading, OctaFX also covers all negative balance costs caused by trading with higher leverages, compensating them back to zero. cTrader Forex trading protection features:

    • Set Scale-Out and Stop-Loss: Advanced take-profit allows traders to scale out of a position at various levels, while being able to set stop loss at break-even, or use server trailing stops to look for trading opportunities.
    • Manage Risk: Traders can trigger a take-profit and/or stop-loss, executing pending order, and also use other means to manage risks, such as diversifying assets, paying close attention to risk/reward ratios, testing trading strategies on demo accounts.
    • Choose Stop-Out Options: With two types of stop-outs, smart stop-out and fair stop-out, traders can protect margins.

    React instantly with no Delays

    React instantly with no Delays

    Delays in trade execution are the most severe enemies of every trader. OctaFX cTrader approaches this issue with the Quick Trade feature that allows forex traders to open, modify, and close trades rapidly during volatile market conditions. Get one step closer to profitable trading.

    Los mejores corredores de opciones binarias 2020:
    • Binarium

      1er lugar! El mejor broker de opciones binarias!
      Ideal para principiantes! Entrenamiento gratis! Bonos de registro!

    • FinMax

      2do lugar! Gran corredor!

    Use cTrader on both Desktop and Mobile Devices

    The cTrader trading platform is available as a web application that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. cTrader can also be accessed from a smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether it runs iOS or Android. Trade anytime and anywhere, 24/5, even while you are travelling or on vacation. It is super easy to download and install the terminal on any compatible device.

    More than 28 cTrader Charting Timeframes

    cTrader software offers a large variety of charts across 28 time frames to suit different types of traders and trading strategies. Moreover, the platform offers over 70 pre-installed indicators, while in addition to them, experienced traders can benefit from custom indicators provided by the cTrader Developer Network (cTDN). cTrader is programmed in C#, a language that is easy to use, even if you are not a tech-savvy. And, there’s plenty of support available whenever you need it, with a large and active cTDN forum and the cTrader Developer’s Network.

    • Create and save up to 50 chart templates for use, with a variety of technical analysis types across various time frames, symbols, and chart types.
    • Each window contains all relevant charting tools, with re-sizable charts that can be adjusted to all possible screen sizes.
    • Benefit from cTrader’s charting functionality, which allows charts to be detached and act as a stand-alone application that can be used across multiple screens.
    • View charts in various layout modes and customise them to meet your trading style.

    Chart types include:

    • Candlesticks
    • Bar Chart
    • HLC Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Heikin Chart
    • Dots Chart
    • Renko Chart
    • Range Chart
    • Tick Chart

    Advanced Level Scalping with cTrader Automate

    An intuitive and powerful trading aid, cTrader Automate, allows traders to develop custom trading robots to automate trading. The Automate functionality is extensive, supports all types of Forex and CFD trading, and comes equipped with back-testing tools. Traders can customise their automated strategy to include:

    • Visual back-testing: Check a cBot’s performance in comparison to the broker’s historical tick or trendbar data for a specific time frame.
    • View executed deal map: Traders get a visual representation of executed deals in the form of a deal map. This can help traders modify their strategies and trades for greater success.
    • Access to entire back-testing history: View information, such as entry and close price and time, gross and net profit, volume, direction of deal, and more.
    • Advanced optimisation of trading parameters: The optimisation process includes multiple backtests to ensure best results.
    • Review trade statistics: Statistics such as net profit, winning trades, maximum balance drawdown, and maximum equity drawdown, among others, can be reviewed to ensure better future trading decisions.
    • Historical data: Access historical data across a vast variety of time frames, including raw tick data.

    Ease of Communication with FIX API*

    This functionality, aimed specifically at retail traders, allows the use of FIX messages for trading, via their cTrader accounts. When a trading account is created on the cTrader trading platform, FIX API credentials are simultaneously generated. Traders can access their credentials directly via their cTrader account, regardless of whether they are using a desktop or web version of the software. FIX messages are an effective way for traders to receive level II quotes, send orders of all types, as well as monitor their order status and positions. The FIX protocol is a popular mean of communication, not just between financial institutions or brokers but also exchanges, because it minimises communication latency. On top of all that, it comes with extensive support resources.

    *OctaFX currently does not support this feature

    Free cTrader Demo Account from OctaFX with Unlimited Access

    Whether you are a beginner or a veteran Forex/CFD trader, the best way to familiarise yourself with the cTrader platform is to open a demo account. Use the account completely free of cost to practice trading under real market conditions; trade with virtual money till you gain the confidence to use your own hard-earned money. Demo trading is an online education process that allows you to learn all the features and tools of the platform, as well as how to use charts and other graphic tools. Or use it to test trading strategies before trying them out in live trading.



    Premios retirables


    Quién gana

    El participante con el saldo más elevado al final de la ronda ganará el primer premio.

    Cómo unirse a la
    próxima ronda

    1. Log in o date de alta en OctaFX
    2. Abre una nueva cuenta de concurso
    3. Descarga la plataforma de trading MT4 o utiliza la versión para navegador
    4. Espera hasta 11 May y empieza a operar en MT4 utilizando una cuenta de concurso.
    5. ¡Consigue el saldo más elevado y gana un premio!

    Si tienes más preguntas, visita nuestra página de FAQ.

    Líderes actuales de la ronda

    Finaliza en: May 9, 2020 00:00 (EET)


    Octa Markets Incorporated realiza un concurso semanal en la plataforma cTrader. Los términos de trading son idénticos a los de la cuenta «Cuenta ECN de OctaFX». La inscripción se anunciará una semana antes del inicio. El depósito inicial es de 1000$ con un apalancamiento de 1:500. El lote mínimo es 0.01, el máximo no está limitado. Se permite el comercio automatizado. Los ganadores están determinados por el valor del saldo al final de la competencia. Los primeros cinco participantes reciben premios de 25$ a 150$.

    Para quién: Para todos

    Fondo de premios: 400$

    Cómo participar:

    – Registrarse para el concurso
    – Abra una cuenta demo de cTrader

    Condiciones del premio:

    – El premio se acredita a la cuenta comercial de cTrader
    – No hay restricciones para la retirada del premio

    Información adicional:

    La competencia está disponible para mayores de 18 años.
    No puede comerciar desde la misma dirección IP en cuentas diferentes

    Los mejores corredores de opciones binarias 2020:
    • Binarium

      1er lugar! El mejor broker de opciones binarias!
      Ideal para principiantes! Entrenamiento gratis! Bonos de registro!

    • FinMax

      2do lugar! Gran corredor!

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